August 26, 2015

Managing Fever – Do’s and Don’ts

So I have heard horror stories of poorly managed fevers where parents give their children alcohol baths, apply ice packs under the clothes or overdose their children on medication.

It is vital to have a plan of action so you’re not so stressed when you see those fever-flushed cheeks.


1.Always be prepared with thermometer and fever meds on hand (ah the miracle of paracetamol suppositories! When you can’t get anything into babies mouth you will be grateful for these;)

2.Know how to use your thermometer!

3.Medication should be used to make the child more comfortable and not with the sole aim of reducing the temperature

4. NEVER use aspirin in children younger than 12 years

5. Avoid combination medications which increase the risk of overdosing

6. Always use an accurate measuring device to give the medication (syringe is best!)

7. Always give the correct dose (not under or over!) at correct intervals (shake bottle!)

8. Tepid sponging is not recommended

9. Do not underdress or overdress

10. Keep up the fluids