Managing Fever – Do’s and Don’ts

So I have heard horror stories of poorly managed fevers where parents give their children alcohol baths, apply ice packs under the clothes or overdose their children on medication. It is vital to have a plan of action so you’re not so stressed when you see those fever-flushed cheeks.   […]

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Snake Bites

Ok, so the shortest blog ever. No story here, just want to cover all the bites! If you ever find yourself in the horrible situation where a snake bites your child:   Get the child and others away from the snake Keep the child quiet and the body part still […]

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Spider Bites

Ok, so just writing this is giving me the creeps cos I have the biggest spider phobia ever. Even googling the pictures has my heart racing! So my phobia is so bad, that I am constantly checking for spiders everywhere! If I’ve seen one in a certain spot before, for […]

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Stings and Bites

When Alexia was 2, happily playing in her Wendy house with my mom, her loud piercing scream had me racing outside to find her pointing to her thigh. She had been stung by a wasp. We quickly took her inside (the last thing I needed was her to be stung […]

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