May 31, 2015

Snake Bites

Ok, so the shortest blog ever. No story here, just want to cover all the bites!

If you ever find yourself in the horrible situation where a snake bites your child:


Get the child and others away from the snake Keep the child quiet and the body part still to slow the spread of venom. Apply a loose splint to the injured area if possible.

The wound should be kept at or lower than the child’s heart. This will help keep the venom from spreading in the body.


DO NOT APPLY A TOURNIQUET ( as you see on tv) depending on the snake venom, sometimes a firmly applied bandage is beneficial, but do not attempt unless the poison centre instructs you to do so Call emergency services and Poison call centre Try identify the snake (Because my snake identification skills are that good!) If you can’t identify it, try kill the snake if safe to do so (yeah right!) and take it with you to the emergency room Alternatively, take a photo if safe to do so ( much more likely)


If you did not see what bit the child, you should suspect a snake bite if you see :

Two small puncture wounds about 1cm apart (sometimes there may be only one)

Severe burning pain at the bite site

Rapid swelling

Discoloration (turns blue or red) or blood-filled blisters (may develop within 6 to 10 hours)

In severe cases, nausea, vomiting, sweating, trouble breathing, and weakness


Key first aid points:

Keep still

Keep injury below level of heart